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Racing Glider comes out of early access and is available on the Steam store !
After a long period of development I am happy to present you version 1.0 of the game.
Everything that was contained in previous versions has been improved, optimized and finalized.


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Rolling Sun

Rolling Sun takes advantage of the latest version of CRYENGINE, with best in class physics, lighting and water effects. Discover ancient magic as you guide your Sun Stone through lost Incan and Mayan civilizations.

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Racing Glider

Racing Glider reinvents old classics of futuristic racing games by offering rally type circuits in natural and fantastic environments. You will need to master the inertia, speed and physics of each vehicle you will play to beat the times set and grab all medals.

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Recon Arcade

A gameplay based on CryEngine 3's physics with a horizontal scrolling camera in beautiful 3D environments. Follow Recon through a multitude of universes and help him to reach each level's ends. Dynamic physical platforms , boxes, pipe,beams,ropes, . . . Use any kind of elements in the environment and the physics of powerful CryEngine 3 to reach your goals.

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