What is Racing Glider ?



Racing Glider reinvents the old futuristic racing game classics by offering rally-like tracks in natural and fantastic environments.

Take place in a "Time Trial" campaign with a large number of tracks that will be unlocked over the course of your victories. You will need to master the inertia, speed and physics of each vehicle you play to beat the times and win all the medals.

Racing Glider offers a gameplay between speed and mastery that will make you discover a new kind of antigravity racing game.


Main Features :
  •  Unique gameplay based on physics. Anticipate and master the forces applied to the vehicle to beat the best times.
  •  "Time Attack" campaign where you will win medals to unlock other tracks.
  • 2 Vehicles available :
    • Wind Ranger (Futuristic F1)
    • Mantis Glider (Futuristic Bike)
  • Each vehicle has unique features as well as a dedicated tracks type.
  • Take the clock by discovering a new world at each tracks.
  • An original soundtrack fully composed for the game.
  • More than 50 levels.
  • A final challenge with diamond medals.